Collaborations and Inclusions for our acting Workshop

As an organization, we are active members of the community. We also form a collective force, practicing inclusion with different artists, organizations, agencies, and groups in our community. In doing so, we’ve found out that our work is richer, our results are better, and our relationship with others strengthens. These collaborations also foster new ideas and new thought processes in the hearts of the groups with whom we collaborate. We believe that these interactions are central to our purpose, and we’ll welcome any input that’ll positively shape our working environment.

Our collaboration also extends to our relationship with our staff members, students, volunteers, and board members. Their input has improved our operations and working environment.

Our Students

Our students come from different cultural backgrounds and with varying levels of knowledge in performing arts. We encourage them to develop new work, and we support each of their artistic ideas. Regardless of where they begin with us, they’re able to unleash their full potentials at the end of the training. 


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