13 theater rules you must know

Traditions, manners, and myths are part of the theater’s beauty. They’re what keep the arena as entertaining as possible. That’s why you should equip yourself with these rules before hitting the theater venue.

We’ve assembled 13 theater rules to keep you in check and ensure that you keep the fun ambiance in the room.

1. Don’t Position a Peacock Feather Onstage

A beautiful peacock plumage can spoil the production in the theater. This assumption holds because a contour on a peacock feather forms an evil eye attracting an evil curse to shows. This notion dates back to the Ancient Greeks’ times and early Europeans due to the Mongol hordes invasion. So no feather on stage.

2. No Flowers Before Performance

You can only gift flowers to the actors, singers, directors, and playwrights after a successful show before an audience. Doing otherwise spells doom for their performances.

3. Don’t Say “Macbeth” in a Theater

There are a couple of reasons why the word Macbeth has no place in the theater. One theory has to do with the incantations pronounced by the trio witches in Macbeth. Since people believe that the writer of the tragedy, Shakespeare, originated these spells from evil magic books, they assume doom lurks around productions of the “The Scottish” play.

Moreover, another assumption asserts that the actor who played Macbeth in its first production died in a mishap. Hence, the late actor hounds successive presentations.

4. Say “Break a Leg” rather than “Good Luck.”

Theatrical entertainers speculate that some devilish spirits and pixies cause trouble by creating the opposite of people’s desire in the theater. However, with terms like “merde” and “break a leg,” you can mislead these theatrical fairies and destroy their mischief.

5. Don’t Arrive Late

The beginning and end of a show always have a connection. Missing either part is losing half the joy.

Secondly, coming late creates distraction to people who are already seated. Kindly, prepare to go early.

6. Chew or Sip Moderately

The theater is unsuitable for bad table manners, mainly because the audience is paying attention to the screen. Thus they can easily hear any distracting sound.

Please, don’t munch on your popcorn or slosh your juice or any liquid in your mouth. It’s the unselfish thing to do.

7. Switch Off Your Phone

Once you arrive at the movies, switch off your phone, as doing otherwise could distract you and others. Moreover, you could be tempted to surf through the Internet or scroll through your social media feed. Live to enjoy the moments.

8. Don’t Give Spoilers

You could be seeing the movie for the second time. Or, you may have read a review of the film online, that shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t let others have a fresh experience of the movie.

Don’t yell out a line yet to be said out of excitement. Don’t tell your neighbors what the following scenes look like or even the end. Allow the movie to take its full course on the new audience.

9. Don’t Be Amorous

You may have brought your love interest to the movies with you, but don’t be all over each other. It can be distracting. Irrespective of where you’re seated at the theater, please keep your actions modest.

10. Keep Your Legs to Yourself

The chair ahead of you shouldn’t be your footstool at the cinema. Kindly keep your legs within your space, and don’t kick the seat at your front.

11. Don’t Come with Your Dinner

The theater isn’t another restaurant; refrain from bringing in your dinner. You may probably be hungry, but don’t do more than eating the traditional popcorn or hotdog people typically consume at the cinema. Bringing in a three-course meal or a dinner can become a smell distraction.

12. Don’t Leave the Place Untidy

There’s always a trashcan at every theater, kindly use it. Pick your trash when the movie is over. Don’t hide garbage within the chairs or dump them on the floor; that way, the cleaners wouldn’t spend extra minutes getting the venue ready for the next audience.

13. Don’t Go With your Little Kids

The theater needs silence, and kids can be loud. More so, they don’t have the patience to be composed for two hours. Kindly make the kids sit at home while you enjoy some wonderful time, along with the rest.

Go ahead and enjoy a good time in the theater while keeping the lousy theater behaviors at bay.

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